I use photography and poetry to tell better stories about what the world around me looks like. 

What a photo communicates in a glance can transcend barriers, but the story a poem brings to life can offer the fluidity of another world. When brought together they build universes. 

My work is primarily concerned with carving a space for us to see the world with new eyes. 

For bookings, inquiries and commissions please contact me:

Email: [email protected]


Based in London, South West London...

...if you know, you know ;)

Moving through this site:

Everything you find here is intended to be fluid and engaging. All the Projects are works in progress - visual essays - crafted around a specific theme (Blackness, Home, Love etc), and will have photos, poems and reflections added to them as I continue my work on them. Similarly, the Galleries are bodies of work arranged around visual threads; they're scrapbooks curated with visual connections in mind. 

Basically, this is a place to come to find new work. So keep coming back, dipping in and out of the galleries, and letting your mind wander over the contours of the space I'm trying to create.



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